《what exactly is the meta-universe?》


METAVERSE is a word that’s been popping up a lot on our social platforms lately.


Faceboook changed its name to Meta, Tencent, Microsoft and other giants all entered meta-universe, stars held concerts in meta-universe, Jj Lin bought land in meta-universe, NFT sold at sky-high prices.


All the media is covering it, all the companies are moving in, and suddenly it’s like half the world is involved in the meta-universe, so what exactly is the meta-universe?


In fact, most people are still confused when they hear about the metasomes. In this video, Zuckerberg shows us what the metasomes will look like at Facebook and how it will change our lives.


The meta-universe, in my opinion, is the physical world as we know it now and beyond the universe, which is a virtual world parallel to the physical world as we know it now, and if you still find that hard to understand, you can think back to the games you used to like to play.


and in the meta-universe, First played in the past these two-dimensional game in your mind to think of it as a three-dimensional and then you can choose their own identity.


can arbitrarily change for their own appearance character, then according to your own set into the virtual world, communicate with any people in the world, it feels like a real experience, or face to face.


In fact, virtual games are only part of the future meta-universe.


In addition to playing large-scale games, we can also work, study, make friends and travel in the meta-universe.


Video conference in the future, it is not we now use video conference so simple, if you use the HORIZON the massively multiplayer online virtual reality software, you can in the very realistic meeting communicate through a virtual character.


although our meeting in their own home in the future, but you can enter into a very real virtual conference field.


Then you can have a face-to-face conversation with your colleague or friend as if they’re sitting right next to you, and it’s not future technology, it’s happening right now.


In addition to work, we can also shopping, we usually shopping is through taobao or Jingdong , but the meta-universe to temporary, you don’t need to go out to enjoy the real shopping experience.


In addition to shopping, if you want to listen to the concert, drama, or speech, you don’t need to go to the scene would have been at home in the whole process of the real participation.


The current technology has reached about 60% of the on-site experience, but to achieve the perfect realization of about 90% of the specific needs a lot of hardware technology optimization, for example, VR glasses are indispensable, how to make glasses more portable, cheaper to replace our current mobile phones.

以目前技术来说已达到大概60%左右的现场体验感,但要做到具体90%左右的完美实现还需要大量硬件技术的优化, 比如说不可缺乏的VR眼镜,要如何把眼镜做的更轻便,价格更便宜来取代我们现在的手机。

In short, the meta-universe is a virtual world tightly connected to reality.